ADHD Dr. in Florida

Michel Katz, MD., an ADHD Doctor in Florida, can provide diagnosis and treatment to those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or those who may be exhibiting symptoms. A range of programs are available to those who qualify.

How Can ADHD Programs Help?

ADHD can be a debilitating disease if left untreated. Living with ADHD can be frustrating and isolating. Those with ADHD often experience a loss of self-esteem. Symptoms strain relationships and cause issues at work and in school. Symptoms of ADHD can include trouble focusing, impulsive behavior and trouble focusing. An ADHD Doctor in Florida can create a customized plan that can diagnosis, treat and provide monitoring for those who have ADHD symptoms. Live the healthiest and most productive life possible with proper care and management.

What Florida ADHD Programs Are Offered?

The ADHD Doctor in Florida offers programs that involve the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and guidance on related associated disorders.

ADHD Diagnosis

ADHD symptoms and experience vary between individuals. Psychological, physical, and education tests, and a thorough examination of your history is used to determine a diagnosis. The process in individualized to each individual’s needs and follows all protocols.

ADHD Treatment

We work closely with clients to tailor an ADHD treatment plan for their unique needs and situation. This comprehensive plan works to meet short and long term goals. Medical and therapeutic treatments are often used in combination. An ADHD Doctor in Florida will help determine the best course of treatment for a specific group of symptoms. All coordinated care and treatment is done in one location, making for enhanced communications between providers, and consistent and thorough treatment. Clients come to a single Florida ADHD treatment location for all of their holistic care services.

A Client’s Program Can Include:

ADHD Medication- Psychiatric medication is generally effective for treating the symptoms of ADHD. Each client is prescribed individual medicine and dosages and have follow-up meetings with an ADHD Doctor in Florida to track progress and make modifications if necessary.

Social Skills Training- Social skill training and learning behavioral strategies help clients manage their challenges in social situations and enjoy the interactions more.

Individual Therapy- Clients work through feelings and learn to cope with the emotional components of ADHD in a session. Talks can include topics such as personal goals, daily challenges, feelings, and coping skills.

Family Therapy- Family and a social network are a necessary support system for those living with ADHD. Symptoms of ADHD can strain relationships. Family therapy helps others understand the needs of a client, react constructively and act supportively. Clients benefit from stronger relationships and family members can interact in a less-stressful and more constructive way with those living with ADHD.

Strategies to Modify School and Workplace Environments- ADHD causes difficulties in interactions and with productivity in the school and the workplace. Strategized meetings enable clients to develop a plan to maintain focus, increase productivity, and attain educational and professional goals.

Proper treatment and management of ADHD symptoms allow clients to live full, productive lives. Contact our Florida ADHD Treatment Doctors today.