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"When my son was diagnosed with ADHD twenty years ago, his neurologist astutely observed that 'the apple didn't fall far from the tree'. Plagued by restlessness, impulsivity and difficulty concentrating, rather than seek the treatment I needed, I spent years developing and using multiple coping strategies which enabled me to attain various goals. After witnessing my increasing stress, frustration and exhaustion, my primary care physician recommended Dr. Mitchel Katz. Knowledgeable, professional and non-judgmental, Dr. Katz conducted various tests which resulted in an ADHD diagnosis. After being on medication for 9 months, my only regret is that I didn't seek Dr. Katz's help years ago"

(Adult ADHD patient )

Good afternoon Dr. Katz,

In our 3 meetings together, I want you to note that I have nothing but positive thoughts for you. You are genuinely interested in me not only as a patient, but a person. With each visit you remember exactly where we left off with regards to me ADD treatment in addition to the things going on in my personal life. It is clear to me that you enjoy what you do, and that you have a great deal of experience. I look forward to our discussions so that I have a better idea of how I can be managing my ADD better. When I leave your office, I have a feeling of confidence that you are attentive in what I am saying, and that we are finding the best solutions to improve my attention in every day life.

Thank you for your interest in helping people who have attention difficulties and offering effective solutions. Looking forward to our next discussion!

Take care,

(Adult ADHD patient )

I am a 52 year old women who for as long as I can remember struggled with the ability to stay focused and on task, waiting in lines, sitting for any length of time. I use to avoid going to the movies because sitting for 2 hours was difficult, I would rather wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it and watch it at home so I could fold clothes, do my bills and 5 other tasks while watching the movie. Processing conversations as they were actually happening was an an issue due to the other 30 random thoughts pinging around in my head. Years ago I thought everyone was like that and maybe I was just a little more like that then everyone else. In the mid 90's my youngest son was diagnosed with ADHD and this is when I became aware that everyone isn't like that. Even at that point I didn't realize that adults could be treated for ADHD, I thought it was just for kids and mostly so they could get through school. It wasn't till recently when I was talking with my husbands coworker and he was sharing some of the things he struggles with and I was like "I do that too" or "I feel the same way" etc and he said he takes medicine and that it has helped him in those areas and he told me about Dr. Katz. I have since met with Dr. Katz and have been put on a daily medication and I can not believe the difference taking this one pill in the morning has made in my life. I am so much more focused, I complete tasks one at a time instead of having 6 things going on at once. I can contribute to conversations rather than 2 hours after the conversation saying "Oh John was talking about blah blah blah", I am not nearly as easily frustrated, I go to the movies, I can sit in a waiting room without pacing a hole in the carpet, I can ride in the car for more than an hour without having to stop and get out. Honestly, at first I did not want to admit that I had a problem and when I did admit it, I was embarrassed to seek help for it, but Dr. Katz was amazing, he was not judgmental, he explained everything to me and made me feel at ease. Seeing Dr. Katz and getting treated for my ADHD was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. If you are an adult and you feel as though you suffer with ADD or ADHD symptoms, please don't feel if you're over 30, or 40 or even 50 that you have to suffer in silence, make an appointment, see Dr Katz and get evaluated, it may just be the best thing you ever did. Thank you Dr. Katz. I no longer struggle to do what everyone else seems to do naturally.

(Adult ADHD patient )

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