Connecticut Autism Doctors

In our fast paced contemporary world, parents ;are now more than aware of their child's essential ;developmental milestones than ever before. With this awareness may come a great deal of worry for conditions related to ADHD and/or Autism. A parent may notice their child is not meeting many clearly ;important milestones on time. Some parents may notice their child is not walking and talking as fast as their peer group. In many cases, there is no cause for concern but in others it is worth talking to a specialist before attempting to diagnose a disorder like Autism on one's own.

Dr. Mitchel Katz: Connecticut Autism Doctor

At ADHD Associates, we specialize in ;the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and care of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We aim to provide help for those who need an Autism doctor in Connecticut. Dr. Katz is a board certified physician with over two decades of experience. He holds an ;undergraduate degree from ;Bucknell University and a ;medical degree from Loyola University of Chicago. He completed his residency training at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. At present, he ;is Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Bristol Hospital as well as past Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Middlesex Hospital.

Common Signs of Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorders can be highly complex, requiring careful treatment and monitoring. Because it's a spectrum disorder, diagnosing Autism ;can be complicated and not always immediately clear. However, at ADHD Associates, we remind our families that certain red flags may exist indicating a problem of some kind. Such flags include many ;differences. For example, a baby may arch their back rather than cuddling. They may not respond to smiles, make eye contact or bring objects to you to get your attention. Communications indications may include an inability to start or continue a conversation and repetition of sounds without understanding. Behavior differences such as sensitivity to light and sounds as well as obsession with a few specific activities rather than a broad range of actions may also be seen.

Connecticut Autism Treatment

Based out of Rocky Hill, CT we offer Autism diagnosis and treatment in Connecticut. As an Autism Dr. in CT, we can provide professional autism diagnosis and an autism treatment plan to help your child, family member or loved on. We offer important interventions that can truly make a difference for patients in need of a Connecticut autism doctor. While autism is a life long condition, with proper medical help and assistance, children with autism can live happier and more productive lives. ;