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Signs of Adult ADHD

February 21, 2016
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Some adults may have trouble paying attention to conversations. They find themselves chronically late for appointments. They also make costly mistakes that can negatively impact their lifestyle, like paying their bills late or not at all. Time after time, people attribute this behavior to becoming forgetful, but it could be that these individuals suffer from adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as Adult ADHD.

Understanding Adult ADHD

Although ADHD expresses itself as a behavioral disorder in children, adults, too, can suffer from ADHD. Adults who are inattentive, inconsistent, or hyperactive may be suffering from ADHD.

Since many adults may have not had access to medical professionals who were well-versed in diagnosing and treating ADHD while they were children, many may still be undiagnosed. And yes, ADHD begins in childhood and persists throughout a person’s life.

After living with ADHD for so many years, many adults have grown to live with the condition. Many people develop coping mechanisms to deal with their day-to-day problems.

All too often, adults only visit their doctor about their symptoms after a child or a grandchild has been diagnosed. With an earlier diagnosis of ADHD, life can become easier and health problems associated with the condition can be treated.

Symptoms of Adult ADHD

For people who think they suffer from Adult ADHD, it’s never too late to get medical advice. The following are some common symptoms many people experience who are suffering from ADHD.

Marital problems: Although there are many factors that contribute to marital problems, a person suffering from ADHD will find that they have difficulty in their marriage. They may find that they can’t commit, or they lack the ability to listen to their partner’s concerns.

Lack organizational skills: Individuals who are disorganized or who have trouble finding important documents around their home may suffer from Adult ADHD. With the inability to remain focused, they can easily get sidetracked while carrying out a task, which may lead to their homes being constantly in disarray.

Poor listening skills: When talking to a person with ADHD, many people find that they have to repeat what they say. Often, they don’t recall stories shared by their friends or family members. During the course of the conversation, their attention may have strayed to something else, preventing them from truly comprehending what was said during the conversation.

Treatment for Adult ADHD

People who have Adult ADHD have options. Advances in the medical field go beyond developing coping mechanisms to deal with the condition. ADHD Doctors can give their patients appropriate medication and therapeutic services to help them get beyond their condition. The first step for people who suspect they have ADHD is to visit a local ADHD specialist who can diagnose their condition using multiple tests, and then give them the Adult ADHD treatment they need.