Florida ADHD Treatment

At Gulf Coast ADHD Associates, we’re here to help people who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
(ADHD) by providing thorough diagnosis and treatments. We offer a range of treatment options, in addition to diagnosis and monitoring services, to children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD. We also treat Autism Spectrum disorders and other developmental and behavioral issues.

Treatment for Adults and Children with ADHD in Florida

The symptoms of ADHD usually begin in adolescence, but they often continue into adulthood. We provide treatment for people of all ages who are dealing with ADHD. Children, adolescents, and adults who have ADHD may be dealing with symptoms that include trouble focusing, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior. These symptoms often place strain on interpersonal relationships and may cause issues at school and work. In addition, they often impact self esteem.

We know that living with ADHD can be frustrating and isolating. It can also be difficult to deal with having a loved one who has ADHD. We are experienced in creating a supportive environment for people with ADHD and their families, helping both parties work through the recovery process together. At Gulf Coast ADHD Associates we know that the symptoms and experience of every person with ADHD are different, so we work together with each client to develop a customized treatment plan.

If you have been diagnosed with ADHD, or if you suspect that you or a loved one may have ADHD, we can help with the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of the disorder. Our goal at Gulf Coast ADHD Associates is to help you manage your ADHD symptoms and regain a sense of control and health in your life.


ADHD Diagnosis

The experience and symptoms of ADHD are not the same for any two people. For this reason, there is no standardized test to diagnose ADHD or other developmental disorders. We use psychological and educational tests and complete a thorough examination of your history to come up with a diagnosis. In addition, we may also perform a physical exam. Our diagnosis process is individualized to each client’s needs and follows recent guidelines published by professional health organizations.

ADHD Treatment

After diagnosis, we work closely with the client to develop a customized ADHD treatment plan. This plan is meant to be comprehensive and work to help clients in the short and long term. Treatment usually involves both medical and therapeutic treatments. Options include medicine, social skills training, individual therapy, family therapy, and strategies to modify school and work environments.

ADHD Monitoring

Even with treatment, ADHD can continue to pose problems over time. It is important to monitor symptoms and progress following treatment. Therefore, we provide thorough follow-up care for each patient. This enables us to support our clients’ continued progress and make modifications to their treatment plans, if necessary. At Gulf Coast ADHD Associates we’ve found that follow-up and monitoring are essential for successful long-term treatment of ADHD.

Care Coordination

At Gulf Coast ADHD Associates, we know that it’s important for all of your medical professionals to be on the same page in order to create effective holistic treatment. We are able to provide coordinated care and treatment for all aspects of ADHD within one location, ensuring that your treatment is consistent and thorough. We will also communicate with each client’s primary care physician and any other professionals, as per our clients’ requests. This keeps all relevant parties informed to ensure that our clients receive the best medical care possible.


We know that each person’s experience with ADHD is different, and so each person also benefits from different treatment options. We provide an assortment of services to meet individual client needs and to provide thorough, balanced care. After diagnosis, we work with the client to create a customized treatment plan. Most plans involve moth medicinal and therapeutic treatments, as we have found that this combination is usually the most effective in helping our clients to manage their ADHD symptoms and lead lives that are healthy and productive.

ADHD Medication

Psychiatric medication is usually effective in treating the symptoms of ADHD. Our doctor will meet with each client to prescribe individualized medicine and dosages. Each client will also have regular follow-up meetings with our doctor to keep track of progress and enable modifications to the medical treatment if necessary.

Social Skills Training

Our team of professionals provides training sessions in social skills and behavioral strategies that will help clients to manage their symptoms. These skills help to enable clients not only to meet the challenges posed by social interaction, but to enjoy interactions more.

Individual Therapy

Living with ADHD can feel isolating, stressful, and emotionally draining. Individual therapy is an ideal place to work through those feelings and cope with the emotional components of ADHD. Individual therapy sessions may include discussions of personal goals, daily challenges, feelings and emotions, and skills for coping.

Family Therapy

Family members and significant others are very important as a support system for people living with ADHD. ADHD can also place strain on relationships and be difficult for loved ones to deal with. Family therapy helps family members and significant others to understand the needs of a client with ADHD, act supportively, and react constructively to the symptoms of ADHD. This therapy can help to strengthen relationships, build a better support system, and relieve the strain family members might feel.

Strategies for Modifying School and Workplace Environments

Very often, ADHD can make being in school or the workplace difficult. It can be difficult to focus and do work productively, and the symptoms of ADHD may create interpersonal problems. Our strategizing meetings can help clients to develop a management plan for maintaining focus, increasing productivity, and achieving their educational and professional goals.

Associated Disorders

We know that coping with ADHD is sometimes complicated by associated disorders. These associated disorders include anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and substance abuse. We are prepared to advise you on how to deal with these associated disorders and provide guidance on seeking treatment for them.

ADHD can impact every aspect of your life, from professional goals, to interpersonal relationships, to self esteem. We also know that each person’s experience with ADHD is different. We work closely with each client to create an individual treatment plan that works to treat all parts of ADHD. We are experienced in supporting our clients to help them manage their ADHD symptoms and lead the healthiest and most productive lives possible. If you or a loved one has ADHD or suspect you may have ADHD, please contact us today.