Florida Autism Doctor & Treatment Specialist

For Florida residents who have loved ones who fall on the autistic spectrum, finding information and Florida autism treatment professionals who can offer significant assistance can, at times, be much harder than it seems. No matter if you are simply looking for information on autism to provide more clarity or if you need some help with helping your child or loved one develop some better habits and coping skills, so there are as many conflicting and controversial sources in existence as there are legitimate ones. Therefore, finding a quality autistic specialist and doctor in the Florida area is a task that should be handled with the utmost care.

Autism Symptoms

Moreover, given that autism is a spectrum disorder and has a vast array of associated symptoms, it can be hard to spot and even harder to treat. Nevertheless, treatment is not always a top priority for those on the spectrum. The autistic spectrum is filled with interesting and unique individuals who all have their own set of symptoms and circumstances.  This means that one person could be totally dependent for their entire life while another could be virtually completely independent and capable of thriving in both their personal and professional lives. Thusly, each individual on the spectrum must be handled and treated as an individual. What works great for one person may not be the case, or even counterproductive, to another. In addition to that, it is a lifelong disorder. This means, that although there are methods and treatments available to make the symptoms more manageable, there is no direct way to 'cure' this disorder. Due to this, it is imperative that parents and caretakers of those on the autistic spectrum must perform their due diligence in terms of finding a Florida autism doctor and specialist they can trust. 

Athough there is an array of theories and speculations in regards to the so-called recent rise in autism, some Autism doctors offer a different perspective. Many autistic doctors and specialists believe that there is no actual rise in autism and rather, there is a rise in the number of available resources and thusly, those who are on the autistic spectrum are able to get diagnosed early in life and go on to live fairly 'normal' lives. However, if you are curious as to which symptoms to be on the lookout for in terms of diagnosing autism, please consider the following:

  • Social Differences (i.e. Awkwardness, extreme shyness, no friends)
  • Communication Issues (i.e. Speech delays, parroting)
  • Behavioral Differences (i.e. poor social interaction, minimal eye contact, uncontrollable behavior, impulsivity, movement repetition, constant repetition of words or actions)
  • Developmental Issues (i.e. learning disabilities or speech delay)

For those who reside in the Florida area, finding a Florida autism doctor is critical in not only a diagnosis of such a disorder, but a propert diagnosis. Dr. Mitchel Katz, a Florida Autism Specialist, is located in Lakewood Ranch Florida for those seeking a specialist in this area. Please contact us today to learn more about this disorder.